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Megababe Дезодорант для тела

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Bye bye chafed thighs! Formulated with soothing Aloe and firming Grapeseed Oil megababe Thigh Rescue features a balm-like texture that creates a protective barrier on top of the skin allowing thighs to glide smoothly against each other instead of rubbing. Pomegranate Seed Extract protects the skin's outer layer promoting cell regeneration and rapid healing for smoother happier skin.. Ginger Root Extract evens skin tone and improves elasticity while Lime Oil provides powerful anti-septic and healing benefits. Clean fresh citrus scent intentionally designed to not interfere with your other fragrances. Aluminum and paraben free. 62.7 ml. Apply as needed throughout the day. Цвет: Beauty: NA. Размер: all. Пол: Женский.
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